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Do you like to travel and are you currently between jobs or not really happy with your job? Well,  you have come to the right place!

In this html version of my popular ebook, Travel Free & Shop Till You Drop, you will find a way to pay for your greatest pleasure -- traveling -- and maybe much more. I have done it and you can too.

My step by step explanations will help you pay for your future travel from your very first trip abroad. Think about it -- travel now and shop for treasures to sell when you get back home. Take that money and be off again exploring the world and shopping!

Sounds too good to be true? Well you can take it from me, after working over 15 years in a job job, I decided to make a break from the hum drum two week vacation at the beach. And, you can too by doing exactly what you will read in the nine chapters contained within. I even found my husband on one of my buying trips and have never looked back at the 9 to 5 grind. I assure you that you can live the adventure too!

Just imagine, you can travel the world, see exotic places, find great new things to buy and then have the chance to show and sell your new acquisitions and then make plans for the next trip! A future where traveling to exotic places happens NOW! Not waiting till you have given your best years to some corporation or business that may or may not honor your service with a pension or other retirement benefits.

Make haste, for life is truly very short. The world is out there waiting for you. Sometimes drastic change is what makes us feel alive and experiencing new and diverse cultures and meeting people in exotic places may be just the ticket to put a new spring in your step. Being your own boss will give you renewed hope for a brighter future where you are the owner of your own business -- your own boss where your successes and failures are your own.

Make your own destiny now -- read this book. I am so certain that you will feel a renewed excitement in your life that you can ask for your $9.99 back if you are not totally satisfied.

After more than 20 years doing exactly what you are about to read, I am so confident I wanted to share it with you. I have seen too many friends, people just like yourself perhaps, waiting for a chance to make a change not knowing what to do until it's too late. Well, here it is in a nutshell! To see a sneak preview click here!

Begin your journey now, to a future which belongs to you! website version (the most vivid photographic version!)